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Being charged with drug possession can land you with a felony charge on your record. If you're caught with a small amount of marijuana, you can spend up to 364 days in jail, get up to a $1,000 fine and end up with a misdemeanor charge on your record. Many possession charges are felonies, including those involving synthetic marijuana, edibles and oils. If you live in Boynton Beach, Florida or the surrounding areas, trust attorney J Todd Hagans to defend your reputation in court and walk you through the legal process.

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Being charged with possession comes with consequences

If you're charged with drug possession, you will have to face a judge in court. Attorney J Todd Hagans in Boynton Beach, Florida will fight for your rights. Possession charges have three possible outcomes:

  1. Conviction and sentencing
  2. Withhold of the adjudication
  3. Dismissal of the offense

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